Silk – TV/cinema commercial proposal 3


A medium wide camera shot shows a smartly dressed man, walking into his own house. His smart outfit and briefcase indicate that he is coming home from work.

SFX: Rattling of keys; sounds of the door being opened and then closed.

Spoken words: The man says:

MVO: Honey, are you home yet?

There is no response.

2. stock-photo-11625100-young-man-hanging-his-coat-on-hook

Medium camera shot: the camera follows the man in the hose; he hangs his coat, leaves keys and suitcase on the table. As he walks he rolls his shirt sleeves and wipes his sweaty forehead.

SFX: Keys being dropped on a table.

3. stock-footage-man-opening-door-of-fridge-to-get-fruits-plums-and-closes-door

The shot cuts to inside a fridge. The man opens the door. Grabs the last beer from the fridge door and closes the fridge. As the light goes out, the shot cuts to the next scene.

SFX: Fridge door being opened and then closed:

4. images

As the fridge door is being closed in the last frame, it cuts to the man’s point of view. He turns on the TV.  There is a football on. The man takes a sip from his beer.

SFX: Typical football game sounds – commentators, fans cheering.

5. Empty bottle of beer isolated

The scene moves to a medium wide shot, in which the man leaves his empty bottle on the table and stands up. There is a lot of condensation on the bottle, implying that it is very hot. The camera is following him as he stands up and goes to the kitchen.

SFX: Bottle being put on a table; football sounds still on.


The camera is following the man, he goes back to the kitchen and opens the fridge but there’s no beer left. He makes a disappointed expression and starts looking for something else.

SFX: Sounds of the man going through the items in the fridge; Football still on.

7. man-holding-yogurt-main

As he closes the fridge door, it can be seen that he carries a tub of Silk frozen yogurt.

SFX: Fridge door being opened and closed; Football sounds till on.

He walks back to the living room and says to himself:

Spoken words: Hm, not a beer, but still better than nothing in this heat.

8. Biltmore_Dining_Man Eating Chopsticks

Medium wide shot shows the man as he sits on the sofa and has his first bite of the yogurt. His face expression indicates that he enjoys it.

SFX: Football sounds are still on.


The camera moves to a similar shot to frame 4, but this time the man has yogurt in his hand instead of beer. As the man starts to eat the yogurt, he decides to change the channel, a shot from behind his back shows that he switches to a romantic movie.

SFX: The sounds of football are replaced by a gentle song and a man and a woman talking gently to each other.

10. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The camera turns and faces the man. He has already finished the yogurt which is on the table. He looks very sad, and he’s weeping because of the movie. Behind his back the entrance door can be seen. It is being opened – his wife comes home from work.

SFX: A sad ballad from the movie; sounds of keys rattling and a door being opened.

11. The camera angle still captures the man and his wife behind his back. It can be seen that she is walking in. She greets him cheerfully while she’s leaving her things on the table.

SFX: Music from the movie; Sounds of keys being put on a table.

Spoken words: FVO: Hello dear, how are you? Are you watching a romcom? (sounds very surprised)

11.images (1)

The camera moves and shoots from behind the woman. Her husband turns around, and his eyes are wet and his expression is very sad.

12. images (2)

The camera moves from the man’s face to the woman’s. She looks very surprised, and tries to hide hear laugh.


The shot cuts to a tub of Silk frozen yogurt on a light background. The female speaks.

Spoken words: FVO: Silk by Ben and Jerry’s – deliciously light frozen yogurt. Some things are just made for women.


This proposal is considerably more humorous than the previous two. The actors are both in their 30s, and have nice jobs, which is something the selected target audience could associate with. As the product is clearly targeted toward women, endorsing a man for the leading character in the advert is something that breaks from conventional advertising. A contrast is made between what a man and a woman usually enjoy. Several cues are used to indicate that it is very hot. This is to provoke the man to reach for the frozen yogurt as a substitute for his beer (which unfortunately for him runs out). In the beginning the man watches football and drinks beer, but as he has to switch the beer for a frozen yogurt he suddenly prefers a romcom to a football game.





Silk – TV/cinema advertisement proposal 2

1. article-2470249-18E3286C00000578-402_634x448

The advert begins with a bird’s view camera shot of a hotel swimming pool.

Music: The following song is playing as a bacground:

SFX: Adults and children are laughing, talking loudly. Sound of splashing water.


The shot zooms in on two women sunbathing next to each other. They are both in their early 30s, looking slim and pretty.

The SFX and music are the same.

3. menu-520x345

A medium camera shot moves to one of the two women. As she is reading a menu she starts to speak.

Spoken words: Woman 1: “I need something cold, it’s too hot out here”.

SFX and music are the same but a little bit quieter. The focus is on the conversation between the women.

4. Beautiful coy woman

The camera shot moves to the second woman. She is following with her eyes a good looking man who is passing in front of them. She is clearly not paying attention to what her friend is saying.

5. stock-photo-surfer-beach-man-portrait-happy-handsome-young-male-beach-surfing-model-smiling-at-camera-holding-133242593

The camera moves to a medium shot of the man, who smiles at her. As she looks at him and smiles, she  vaguely answers her friend:

Spoken words: Woman 2: “Sure is hot honey”. Beautiful coy woman

The camera moves to a medium wide shot of the two women. Woman 1 is still reading the menu, while woman 2 is still following the man with her eyes.

The SFX and music continues.

The camera moves to a shot from behind the two women. Between them, it can be seen that the man is across the swimming pool, sunbathing. Woman 2 is still looking at him, Woman 1 starts to read from the menu.

SFX and music are quiet, the focus is on the conversation between the two women.

Spoken words: W1: There’s something worth a try – Silk: deliciously smooth and gentle indulgence, perfect to cool you off in a hot day.

W2 (still looking at the man): It’s perfect indeed.

W1: It says it’s good for you And your body.

W2: Oh, I bet it will treat my body right.

8. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

While the women are speaking, the camera shots turns, it is now in front of both women. Woman 1 puts the menu down from her face and notices that her friend is not paying attention to her but is still glancing at the man.

Woman 1 speaks.

Spoken words:

W1: Careful dear, you are not even blinking. You are gonna burn a whole in his chest.


The camera moves to a wider shot of the women, they start laughing. Woman 2 looks slightly ashamed but still cheerful and happy.

The music and SFX go louder again.

10.article-2470249-18E3286C00000578-402_634x448 marioto-na-logo

The camera shot zooms out of the women and goes back to a birds’ view of the pool. This frame gets blurred and acts as a background for a tub of Silk frozen yogurt which fades in.

SFX and music are the same. Woman 2 speaks.

Spoken words:

W2: Silk frozen yogurt, a delicious treat that is perfect for you and your body.


The actresses are specifically chosen to represent women of the target audience for the product. They are slim and pretty, which implies that they care about their bodies and therefore health. Important part of this advert plays the male character as well. It could be suggested that James Dornan should be endorsed. As previously discussed, he is the main character in the 50 shades of Grey movie which is to be released. It can be suggested that as the target audiences for Silk and the movie are virtually the same, the potential consumers of Silk are likely to be actually attracted to the actor, which will make the advert more believable.


Silk – TV/cinema advertisement proposal 1

1.Cheerful smart business lady walking with files

The commercial begins with a medium shot behind a woman, zooming in to close up on her. The camera tilts down from her head to her feet, revealing that she is smartly dressed. The woman is in front of a door.

SFX: Sound of keys rattling.

A medium camera shot (still from behind the actress) reveals that she unlocks a door and walks in.

SFX: Sound of keybeing inserted in a lock; opening of a door.

As the door is being closed, the shot cuts to a frame inside the room.


The woman puts a folder of documents on a table, while talking on the phone.

Spoken words:

FVO: “Bye, and wish the kids good night!”

4. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The shot cuts to the woman again, revealing that she is taking her shoes off, without even using her hands, as if she has been waiting for this moment all day.

SFX: A beep indicates that the call had ended.

5. psnyna-cmtlx20i_main_v500

A medium camera shot from behind the woman shows that she puts her phone on a similar stereo and presses play.

Music: The following song comes up:

6. 6804911338_554d45f027

The frame cuts to a slightly wider camera shot that shows that the woman is closing the curtains. As only her silhouette is visible, she starts to undress.

Music: the song is still playing

7. b1113

The camera goes around the woman, the shot clears. Now not only her silhouette is visible. It can be seen that she has changed into an elegant white nightdress.

Music: the song is still playing.

8. black_silk_satin_sheet_set_bedding_linen_1024x1024

A medium camera shot follows the woman as she lies down on a large bed, covered with black silk sheets.

As she lies down, there is a knock on the door.

SFX: Knock on the door.

Music gets slightly quieter.

9. 33623-lip-bite

The camera zooms in on the woman’s face, focuses on her mouth. She smiles and bites her lips.

Spoken words:

FVO: Come in!

The music can still be heard.

10. waiter_2152511b

The frame moves to a formally dressed man who has just came in. The camera circles the man and goes up from his feet to above his head. The tray in his hands is the last thing that is shown from him.

Music is still on.

11. Scarlett Johansson Pin up smile theringtonescenter com

The camera shot moves back to the woman. Medium shot of her, now sitting on the bed, her back against the pillows. She smiles subtly and looks seductive.

Music gets a little bit louder.


A medium shot shows both actors in the frame, the woman looks at the tray, anticipating. The man lifts the cover of the tray and the camera zooms on a tub of Silk frozen yogurt and a silver spoon. As the woman is grabbing the yogurt and the spoon the music stops completely and suddenly. The woman speaks.

Spoken words: FVO: Thank you, that will be all!

13. woman-eating-yogurt (1)

A medium camera shot shows the woman only holding the yogurt, waiting for the man to walk out.

SFX: Footsteps, closing of a door.

The woman smiles as the man walks out.

Music: With the sound of the closing door, the music starts again, this time louder.

The woman looks happy and glad to be alone, as she was looking forward to the following moment. The woman is eating from the yogurt, smiling.

13. marioto-na-logo

The final shot shows an empty tub of silk frozen yoghurt on top of black silk covered bed.

The woman’s voice (whispering):

Spoken words: FVO: Silk by ben and Jerry’s – delicious and silky light frozen yoghurt.

The silver spoon is being dropped in the empty tub of yogurt.

SFX: Sound of the soon being dropped in the tub.

Music continues.


 The actress is around 30, looks smart and intelligent. Looks in good shape and health, which is considered to be important for the target audience group.   The use of black and white colours of the silk sheets and dress  aim to provide sophistication. The colours also aim to allow consumers to make an association between the black and white silk and the black and white packaging of the product. The music is quirky and sophisticated as well. 

Silk – Radio commercial proposal 3

Product: Silk Frozen Yogurt

Client: Ben and Jerry’s

By Mario Mihaylov


The commercial opens with sound of people laughing and talking, the following music plays on the background (starting from 00:10 sec):


The music and SFX get a little bit quieter; a woman whispers:

Woman 1: meet me in the kitchen in two minutes, lets’ find some real food.

Woman 2 (also whispering): Yes! Ok! All these fancy appetizers just look… weird.

SFX: Door is being opened; the sound of people talking and laughing gets quieter, as it comes from the next room. The music can still be heard.

W1: I am starving, not only those things looked weird but they were tiny too!

W2: I know! Let’s check the fridge.

SFX: Fridge door being opened, a sound of bottles rattling.

W2: More Champagne?

W1: Why not haha. Let’s spoil ourselves. Oh, this looks nice.

W2: What is it?

SFX: Fridge door is being closed. Something is put on a table.

W1: Frozen yogurt.

W2: Mmm. That’s more like it.

SFX: Opening a drawer, sound of cutlery rattling.

W1: Grab a spoon and dig in.

W2: God, it’s amazing

W1: It even says 0 calories on the box.

W2: Now I don’t even feel guilty about running away from the party.

SFX: Both women laughing. Music gets a little bit louder.

FVO: The new Silk frozen yogurt, a delicious and healthy treat. Feel good about indulging.

The selected song for the commercial, aims to provide a classy setting – at a dinner or a cocktail party. The commercial is considered appropriate for the selected tone of voice – the setting is very sophisticated; on the other hand the actions of the two women are lighthearted and funny. The voices of the two endorsers need to sound cheerful; mature but still young. This commercial takes a bit more obscure route than the previous two proposals, but still addresses the core proposition – the product is both healthy and tasty.

Silk – Radio commercial proposal 2

Product: Silk frozen yogurt

Client: Ben and Jerry’s

By Mario Mihaylov


The commercial begins with the following music:

After three seconds the endorser starts to speak.


When they said the Earth was flat, you knew it wasn’t true.

When they told you that people lay eggs, you knew that wasn’t true either.

When they said you can’t have healthy and tasty treat at the same time, you just wished it wasn’t so.

Well now it isn’t – the new Silk frozen yogurt by Ben and Jerry’s is a healthy and delicious indulgence, a pleasure for you and your body.

Silk – the healthy pleasure.

The soundtrack for this commercial is the instrumental of Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly. Instrumental was chosen to prevent people singing along and ignoring the message. The song is cheerful, relaxing and lighthearted. It is similar to the soundtracks for Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream commercials. This may help listeners associate the products but the script of the commercial will remind them of Silk’s core value and advantage – how light and healthy it is.

As the commercial talks about how good the products is for the body, I believe that a woman’s voice will be more appropriate for the voiceover, because it will sound more natural and believable.  The endorser of the ad could be Colbie Caillat (or an actress with a similar voice).
This type of voice sounds cheerful and lighthearted, thus is considered appropriate.
The voice of the desired endorser can be heard here:

Silk – Radio commercial proposal 1

Product: Silk frozen yogurt

Client: Ben and Jerry’s

By Mario Mihaylov


The commercial begins with the following song (Starting from 00:08 sec):

After three seconds, the endorser starts to speak.


Hello beautiful. Have we met before? No?

If not, how come I know what you need? How come I know what you want?

I know you need something healthy that can treat your body right.

I know you want something delicious that could treat your senses.

There are many things that can fulfil your needs, but how many of them will fulfil your wants too?

I can do both. How come? I am Silk – healthy and delicious frozen yogurt by Ben and Jerry’s.

Because a treat can be healthy too.


With this commercial the core proposition, that the product is both healthy and tasty, is addressed directly.

The soundtrack of the ad is the song Take five by Dave Burbeck. (starting from 00:08 sec). It was chosen because it sounds classy but in the same time playful, which aligns with the selected tone of voice, discussed in the brief. It would grab listeners’ attention as it is intriguing and different. Instrumental was chosen to prevent people singing along and ignoring the message.

For the voiceover, Jamie Dornan would be endorsed. The nature of his voice is deep and husky, while in the same time very calm. He is the lead actor in the 50 shades of Grey movie, which is to be released. The reason for his selection is the fact, the target audiences for the movie and the product are virtually the same. Thus, the actor’s voice may sound familiar, appealing, and persuasive.




Silk – Print advertisement proposal 3


The above advert is less sophisticated but more light-hearted than the previous two proposals. It shows the product as it is skipping rope, which is tightly connected to the copy on the top and bottom of the page. By skipping rope, the product illustrates a healthy lifestyle exercise. Consumers which are living such lifestyles are likely to often skip their dessert. However, with this new product they will be able to indulge themselves without spoiling their healthy lifestyle and diet. The green colour was chosen to represent grass; it was preferred over grey or brown, which could also represent the earth, because green is the colour of health. Simple serif font was used for the copy to keep the advert classy. 

Silk – Print advertisement proposal 2


In this advert the colour scheme has been kept the same in order to represent sense of luxury and sophistication. The tagline aims to address the core proposition of the campaign directly by saying that the product is delicious and healthy. Therefore consumers should feel good about indulging. The background of this advert is a main feature – it is actual silk, located within a double glass. The image of the product and the copy are stuck to the inside of the glass. The same advert is visible from both – inside and outside of the bus-stop. Actual silk was chosen as a background for the advert because it breaks from conventional print advertising. It could also help consumers make an association between the product and the actual silk, which is also smooth and light.

Silk – Print advertisement proposal 1


The black and white colour scheme of the packaging was designed to bring a sense of sophistication. The golden colour in the logo was chosen to bring a sense of luxury. As it can be seen, these three colours are also used in the original Ben and Jerry’s logo, which could help consumers associate the new product with the parent brand. However, the typeface used for the logo of Silk is very different from the one of Ben and Jerry’s – it is more curvy and smooth, it is considered more formal and sophisticated. Serif font was used for the main tagline of the advert to strengthen the sense of sophistication. The background colour scheme is also simple and sophisticated.

The arrangement of the fruits in the yogurt, combined with the missing triangle piece are used to create an association with pizza – something, which is generally considered as a guilty pleasure by weight watchers. The word healthy above the crossed word guilty aims to make a statement that the yogurt is not a guilty pleasure. The colour red was used in order to make the added word and the line stand out. The typeface for the word healthy was chosen because it looks like it is handwritten, as if it an error has been fixed by someone.


Silk by Ben and Jerry’s – advertising campaign proposal

All following posts in this blog will relate to the following advertising brief:


“Silk” by Ben and Jerry’s is frozen yoghurt – a line extension of the Ben and Jerry’s brand. The product is designed to satisfy consumers’ needs for a healthier, premium chilled dessert.

Core values: Natural Innovative Healthy

As a sub-brand of Ben and Jerry’s, Silk’s core values align with those of the parent brand.  Ben and Jerry’s strong position against the use of GMOs, along with production of ice-cream with Fairtrade ingredients, suggests that Natural is a core value for the brand.

Innovation, regarding unusual flavour combinations and quirky names, is a vital component of the company’s values, which distinguishes Ben and Jerry’s products from the competition.

Health is a core value which Silk adds to Ben and Jerry’s. By reduced sugar and fat contents in the new product, the line extension reaches the health concerned consumers.

Core proposition

Consumers can enjoy the well-known and loved indulgence of Ben & Jerry’s products in a lighter, healthier version.

Target audience

Mrs. Cultured is a representative of the main target audience for Silk. She is 30 years old and lives with her husband and their four year old son in a house on the edge of Birmingham. She likes to think of herself as a confident, intelligent and adventurous person; her friends describe her as kind, reliable and hard-working.  She is well-educated and has a position as a middle manager in a large telecom company. Her five door hatchback is a vital part of her everyday routine, as it is her only means of transportation to and from work, as well as for driving her son to school and for weekly shopping. When it comes to groceries, purity, health and nutrition are main factors affecting her choices. However, every once in a while she likes to indulge as a form of positive reinforcement. In regards to apparel, she prefers quality and comfort to high-end fashion trends. Her everyday life is occupied with sustaining a comfortable family home and care for her growing child, but her career is of equal importance. Mrs. Cultured says eating and drinking out are fun way of relaxation, although her busy life does not give her the spare time to do it often. She enjoys going to the movies and would watch all big titles, as well as movies she can watch with her son.
She owns a smartphone on O2 network and a tablet, which she uses for both – work and pleasure. She watches TV after work and as a background to morning routines. Her preferable TV channels are Channel 4, ITV, ITV3, E4 and More4. She enjoys a wide variety of TV programs but is particularly fond of game/quiz and cookery shows. “Come dine with me”, “Harry Hill’s TV Burp” and “Downtown Abbey” are some of her favourite programs.

She listens to KissFM, CapitalFM and HeartFM while driving. Weekly magazines that she reads are Hello! Ok! and Cosmopolitan. She uses Facebook for some “me” time at work.

Mrs Cultured finds advertising interesting and educating; she is easily influenced by family and friends but would back up her choices with reviews from other sources. She encounters outdoor advertising while driving and in-store.

Tone of voice

To represent the vibrancy of the Ben and Jerry’s brand, the campaign will employ a light-hearted, but still sophisticated tone in order to appeal to the selected target audience.