Silk by Ben and Jerry’s – advertising campaign proposal

All following posts in this blog will relate to the following advertising brief:


“Silk” by Ben and Jerry’s is frozen yoghurt – a line extension of the Ben and Jerry’s brand. The product is designed to satisfy consumers’ needs for a healthier, premium chilled dessert.

Core values: Natural Innovative Healthy

As a sub-brand of Ben and Jerry’s, Silk’s core values align with those of the parent brand.  Ben and Jerry’s strong position against the use of GMOs, along with production of ice-cream with Fairtrade ingredients, suggests that Natural is a core value for the brand.

Innovation, regarding unusual flavour combinations and quirky names, is a vital component of the company’s values, which distinguishes Ben and Jerry’s products from the competition.

Health is a core value which Silk adds to Ben and Jerry’s. By reduced sugar and fat contents in the new product, the line extension reaches the health concerned consumers.

Core proposition

Consumers can enjoy the well-known and loved indulgence of Ben & Jerry’s products in a lighter, healthier version.

Target audience

Mrs. Cultured is a representative of the main target audience for Silk. She is 30 years old and lives with her husband and their four year old son in a house on the edge of Birmingham. She likes to think of herself as a confident, intelligent and adventurous person; her friends describe her as kind, reliable and hard-working.  She is well-educated and has a position as a middle manager in a large telecom company. Her five door hatchback is a vital part of her everyday routine, as it is her only means of transportation to and from work, as well as for driving her son to school and for weekly shopping. When it comes to groceries, purity, health and nutrition are main factors affecting her choices. However, every once in a while she likes to indulge as a form of positive reinforcement. In regards to apparel, she prefers quality and comfort to high-end fashion trends. Her everyday life is occupied with sustaining a comfortable family home and care for her growing child, but her career is of equal importance. Mrs. Cultured says eating and drinking out are fun way of relaxation, although her busy life does not give her the spare time to do it often. She enjoys going to the movies and would watch all big titles, as well as movies she can watch with her son.
She owns a smartphone on O2 network and a tablet, which she uses for both – work and pleasure. She watches TV after work and as a background to morning routines. Her preferable TV channels are Channel 4, ITV, ITV3, E4 and More4. She enjoys a wide variety of TV programs but is particularly fond of game/quiz and cookery shows. “Come dine with me”, “Harry Hill’s TV Burp” and “Downtown Abbey” are some of her favourite programs.

She listens to KissFM, CapitalFM and HeartFM while driving. Weekly magazines that she reads are Hello! Ok! and Cosmopolitan. She uses Facebook for some “me” time at work.

Mrs Cultured finds advertising interesting and educating; she is easily influenced by family and friends but would back up her choices with reviews from other sources. She encounters outdoor advertising while driving and in-store.

Tone of voice

To represent the vibrancy of the Ben and Jerry’s brand, the campaign will employ a light-hearted, but still sophisticated tone in order to appeal to the selected target audience.

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