Silk – Print advertisement proposal 1


The black and white colour scheme of the packaging was designed to bring a sense of sophistication. The golden colour in the logo was chosen to bring a sense of luxury. As it can be seen, these three colours are also used in the original Ben and Jerry’s logo, which could help consumers associate the new product with the parent brand. However, the typeface used for the logo of Silk is very different from the one of Ben and Jerry’s – it is more curvy and smooth, it is considered more formal and sophisticated. Serif font was used for the main tagline of the advert to strengthen the sense of sophistication. The background colour scheme is also simple and sophisticated.

The arrangement of the fruits in the yogurt, combined with the missing triangle piece are used to create an association with pizza – something, which is generally considered as a guilty pleasure by weight watchers. The word healthy above the crossed word guilty aims to make a statement that the yogurt is not a guilty pleasure. The colour red was used in order to make the added word and the line stand out. The typeface for the word healthy was chosen because it looks like it is handwritten, as if it an error has been fixed by someone.


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