Silk – Radio commercial proposal 2

Product: Silk frozen yogurt

Client: Ben and Jerry’s

By Mario Mihaylov


The commercial begins with the following music:

After three seconds the endorser starts to speak.


When they said the Earth was flat, you knew it wasn’t true.

When they told you that people lay eggs, you knew that wasn’t true either.

When they said you can’t have healthy and tasty treat at the same time, you just wished it wasn’t so.

Well now it isn’t – the new Silk frozen yogurt by Ben and Jerry’s is a healthy and delicious indulgence, a pleasure for you and your body.

Silk – the healthy pleasure.

The soundtrack for this commercial is the instrumental of Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly. Instrumental was chosen to prevent people singing along and ignoring the message. The song is cheerful, relaxing and lighthearted. It is similar to the soundtracks for Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream commercials. This may help listeners associate the products but the script of the commercial will remind them of Silk’s core value and advantage – how light and healthy it is.

As the commercial talks about how good the products is for the body, I believe that a woman’s voice will be more appropriate for the voiceover, because it will sound more natural and believable.  The endorser of the ad could be Colbie Caillat (or an actress with a similar voice).
This type of voice sounds cheerful and lighthearted, thus is considered appropriate.
The voice of the desired endorser can be heard here:

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