Silk – Radio commercial proposal 3

Product: Silk Frozen Yogurt

Client: Ben and Jerry’s

By Mario Mihaylov


The commercial opens with sound of people laughing and talking, the following music plays on the background (starting from 00:10 sec):


The music and SFX get a little bit quieter; a woman whispers:

Woman 1: meet me in the kitchen in two minutes, lets’ find some real food.

Woman 2 (also whispering): Yes! Ok! All these fancy appetizers just look… weird.

SFX: Door is being opened; the sound of people talking and laughing gets quieter, as it comes from the next room. The music can still be heard.

W1: I am starving, not only those things looked weird but they were tiny too!

W2: I know! Let’s check the fridge.

SFX: Fridge door being opened, a sound of bottles rattling.

W2: More Champagne?

W1: Why not haha. Let’s spoil ourselves. Oh, this looks nice.

W2: What is it?

SFX: Fridge door is being closed. Something is put on a table.

W1: Frozen yogurt.

W2: Mmm. That’s more like it.

SFX: Opening a drawer, sound of cutlery rattling.

W1: Grab a spoon and dig in.

W2: God, it’s amazing

W1: It even says 0 calories on the box.

W2: Now I don’t even feel guilty about running away from the party.

SFX: Both women laughing. Music gets a little bit louder.

FVO: The new Silk frozen yogurt, a delicious and healthy treat. Feel good about indulging.

The selected song for the commercial, aims to provide a classy setting – at a dinner or a cocktail party. The commercial is considered appropriate for the selected tone of voice – the setting is very sophisticated; on the other hand the actions of the two women are lighthearted and funny. The voices of the two endorsers need to sound cheerful; mature but still young. This commercial takes a bit more obscure route than the previous two proposals, but still addresses the core proposition – the product is both healthy and tasty.

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