Silk – TV/cinema advertisement proposal 1

1.Cheerful smart business lady walking with files

The commercial begins with a medium shot behind a woman, zooming in to close up on her. The camera tilts down from her head to her feet, revealing that she is smartly dressed. The woman is in front of a door.

SFX: Sound of keys rattling.

A medium camera shot (still from behind the actress) reveals that she unlocks a door and walks in.

SFX: Sound of keybeing inserted in a lock; opening of a door.

As the door is being closed, the shot cuts to a frame inside the room.


The woman puts a folder of documents on a table, while talking on the phone.

Spoken words:

FVO: “Bye, and wish the kids good night!”

4. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The shot cuts to the woman again, revealing that she is taking her shoes off, without even using her hands, as if she has been waiting for this moment all day.

SFX: A beep indicates that the call had ended.

5. psnyna-cmtlx20i_main_v500

A medium camera shot from behind the woman shows that she puts her phone on a similar stereo and presses play.

Music: The following song comes up:

6. 6804911338_554d45f027

The frame cuts to a slightly wider camera shot that shows that the woman is closing the curtains. As only her silhouette is visible, she starts to undress.

Music: the song is still playing

7. b1113

The camera goes around the woman, the shot clears. Now not only her silhouette is visible. It can be seen that she has changed into an elegant white nightdress.

Music: the song is still playing.

8. black_silk_satin_sheet_set_bedding_linen_1024x1024

A medium camera shot follows the woman as she lies down on a large bed, covered with black silk sheets.

As she lies down, there is a knock on the door.

SFX: Knock on the door.

Music gets slightly quieter.

9. 33623-lip-bite

The camera zooms in on the woman’s face, focuses on her mouth. She smiles and bites her lips.

Spoken words:

FVO: Come in!

The music can still be heard.

10. waiter_2152511b

The frame moves to a formally dressed man who has just came in. The camera circles the man and goes up from his feet to above his head. The tray in his hands is the last thing that is shown from him.

Music is still on.

11. Scarlett Johansson Pin up smile theringtonescenter com

The camera shot moves back to the woman. Medium shot of her, now sitting on the bed, her back against the pillows. She smiles subtly and looks seductive.

Music gets a little bit louder.


A medium shot shows both actors in the frame, the woman looks at the tray, anticipating. The man lifts the cover of the tray and the camera zooms on a tub of Silk frozen yogurt and a silver spoon. As the woman is grabbing the yogurt and the spoon the music stops completely and suddenly. The woman speaks.

Spoken words: FVO: Thank you, that will be all!

13. woman-eating-yogurt (1)

A medium camera shot shows the woman only holding the yogurt, waiting for the man to walk out.

SFX: Footsteps, closing of a door.

The woman smiles as the man walks out.

Music: With the sound of the closing door, the music starts again, this time louder.

The woman looks happy and glad to be alone, as she was looking forward to the following moment. The woman is eating from the yogurt, smiling.

13. marioto-na-logo

The final shot shows an empty tub of silk frozen yoghurt on top of black silk covered bed.

The woman’s voice (whispering):

Spoken words: FVO: Silk by ben and Jerry’s – delicious and silky light frozen yoghurt.

The silver spoon is being dropped in the empty tub of yogurt.

SFX: Sound of the soon being dropped in the tub.

Music continues.


 The actress is around 30, looks smart and intelligent. Looks in good shape and health, which is considered to be important for the target audience group.   The use of black and white colours of the silk sheets and dress  aim to provide sophistication. The colours also aim to allow consumers to make an association between the black and white silk and the black and white packaging of the product. The music is quirky and sophisticated as well. 

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