Silk – TV/cinema advertisement proposal 2

1. article-2470249-18E3286C00000578-402_634x448

The advert begins with a bird’s view camera shot of a hotel swimming pool.

Music: The following song is playing as a bacground:

SFX: Adults and children are laughing, talking loudly. Sound of splashing water.


The shot zooms in on two women sunbathing next to each other. They are both in their early 30s, looking slim and pretty.

The SFX and music are the same.

3. menu-520x345

A medium camera shot moves to one of the two women. As she is reading a menu she starts to speak.

Spoken words: Woman 1: “I need something cold, it’s too hot out here”.

SFX and music are the same but a little bit quieter. The focus is on the conversation between the women.

4. Beautiful coy woman

The camera shot moves to the second woman. She is following with her eyes a good looking man who is passing in front of them. She is clearly not paying attention to what her friend is saying.

5. stock-photo-surfer-beach-man-portrait-happy-handsome-young-male-beach-surfing-model-smiling-at-camera-holding-133242593

The camera moves to a medium shot of the man, who smiles at her. As she looks at him and smiles, she  vaguely answers her friend:

Spoken words: Woman 2: “Sure is hot honey”. Beautiful coy woman

The camera moves to a medium wide shot of the two women. Woman 1 is still reading the menu, while woman 2 is still following the man with her eyes.

The SFX and music continues.

The camera moves to a shot from behind the two women. Between them, it can be seen that the man is across the swimming pool, sunbathing. Woman 2 is still looking at him, Woman 1 starts to read from the menu.

SFX and music are quiet, the focus is on the conversation between the two women.

Spoken words: W1: There’s something worth a try – Silk: deliciously smooth and gentle indulgence, perfect to cool you off in a hot day.

W2 (still looking at the man): It’s perfect indeed.

W1: It says it’s good for you And your body.

W2: Oh, I bet it will treat my body right.

8. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

While the women are speaking, the camera shots turns, it is now in front of both women. Woman 1 puts the menu down from her face and notices that her friend is not paying attention to her but is still glancing at the man.

Woman 1 speaks.

Spoken words:

W1: Careful dear, you are not even blinking. You are gonna burn a whole in his chest.


The camera moves to a wider shot of the women, they start laughing. Woman 2 looks slightly ashamed but still cheerful and happy.

The music and SFX go louder again.

10.article-2470249-18E3286C00000578-402_634x448 marioto-na-logo

The camera shot zooms out of the women and goes back to a birds’ view of the pool. This frame gets blurred and acts as a background for a tub of Silk frozen yogurt which fades in.

SFX and music are the same. Woman 2 speaks.

Spoken words:

W2: Silk frozen yogurt, a delicious treat that is perfect for you and your body.


The actresses are specifically chosen to represent women of the target audience for the product. They are slim and pretty, which implies that they care about their bodies and therefore health. Important part of this advert plays the male character as well. It could be suggested that James Dornan should be endorsed. As previously discussed, he is the main character in the 50 shades of Grey movie which is to be released. It can be suggested that as the target audiences for Silk and the movie are virtually the same, the potential consumers of Silk are likely to be actually attracted to the actor, which will make the advert more believable.


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