Silk – TV/cinema commercial proposal 3


A medium wide camera shot shows a smartly dressed man, walking into his own house. His smart outfit and briefcase indicate that he is coming home from work.

SFX: Rattling of keys; sounds of the door being opened and then closed.

Spoken words: The man says:

MVO: Honey, are you home yet?

There is no response.

2. stock-photo-11625100-young-man-hanging-his-coat-on-hook

Medium camera shot: the camera follows the man in the hose; he hangs his coat, leaves keys and suitcase on the table. As he walks he rolls his shirt sleeves and wipes his sweaty forehead.

SFX: Keys being dropped on a table.

3. stock-footage-man-opening-door-of-fridge-to-get-fruits-plums-and-closes-door

The shot cuts to inside a fridge. The man opens the door. Grabs the last beer from the fridge door and closes the fridge. As the light goes out, the shot cuts to the next scene.

SFX: Fridge door being opened and then closed:

4. images

As the fridge door is being closed in the last frame, it cuts to the man’s point of view. He turns on the TV.  There is a football on. The man takes a sip from his beer.

SFX: Typical football game sounds – commentators, fans cheering.

5. Empty bottle of beer isolated

The scene moves to a medium wide shot, in which the man leaves his empty bottle on the table and stands up. There is a lot of condensation on the bottle, implying that it is very hot. The camera is following him as he stands up and goes to the kitchen.

SFX: Bottle being put on a table; football sounds still on.


The camera is following the man, he goes back to the kitchen and opens the fridge but there’s no beer left. He makes a disappointed expression and starts looking for something else.

SFX: Sounds of the man going through the items in the fridge; Football still on.

7. man-holding-yogurt-main

As he closes the fridge door, it can be seen that he carries a tub of Silk frozen yogurt.

SFX: Fridge door being opened and closed; Football sounds till on.

He walks back to the living room and says to himself:

Spoken words: Hm, not a beer, but still better than nothing in this heat.

8. Biltmore_Dining_Man Eating Chopsticks

Medium wide shot shows the man as he sits on the sofa and has his first bite of the yogurt. His face expression indicates that he enjoys it.

SFX: Football sounds are still on.


The camera moves to a similar shot to frame 4, but this time the man has yogurt in his hand instead of beer. As the man starts to eat the yogurt, he decides to change the channel, a shot from behind his back shows that he switches to a romantic movie.

SFX: The sounds of football are replaced by a gentle song and a man and a woman talking gently to each other.

10. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The camera turns and faces the man. He has already finished the yogurt which is on the table. He looks very sad, and he’s weeping because of the movie. Behind his back the entrance door can be seen. It is being opened – his wife comes home from work.

SFX: A sad ballad from the movie; sounds of keys rattling and a door being opened.

11. The camera angle still captures the man and his wife behind his back. It can be seen that she is walking in. She greets him cheerfully while she’s leaving her things on the table.

SFX: Music from the movie; Sounds of keys being put on a table.

Spoken words: FVO: Hello dear, how are you? Are you watching a romcom? (sounds very surprised)

11.images (1)

The camera moves and shoots from behind the woman. Her husband turns around, and his eyes are wet and his expression is very sad.

12. images (2)

The camera moves from the man’s face to the woman’s. She looks very surprised, and tries to hide hear laugh.


The shot cuts to a tub of Silk frozen yogurt on a light background. The female speaks.

Spoken words: FVO: Silk by Ben and Jerry’s – deliciously light frozen yogurt. Some things are just made for women.


This proposal is considerably more humorous than the previous two. The actors are both in their 30s, and have nice jobs, which is something the selected target audience could associate with. As the product is clearly targeted toward women, endorsing a man for the leading character in the advert is something that breaks from conventional advertising. A contrast is made between what a man and a woman usually enjoy. Several cues are used to indicate that it is very hot. This is to provoke the man to reach for the frozen yogurt as a substitute for his beer (which unfortunately for him runs out). In the beginning the man watches football and drinks beer, but as he has to switch the beer for a frozen yogurt he suddenly prefers a romcom to a football game.





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