Silk – Radio commercial proposal 1

Product: Silk frozen yogurt

Client: Ben and Jerry’s

By Mario Mihaylov


The commercial begins with the following song (Starting from 00:08 sec):

After three seconds, the endorser starts to speak.


Hello beautiful. Have we met before? No?

If not, how come I know what you need? How come I know what you want?

I know you need something healthy that can treat your body right.

I know you want something delicious that could treat your senses.

There are many things that can fulfil your needs, but how many of them will fulfil your wants too?

I can do both. How come? I am Silk – healthy and delicious frozen yogurt by Ben and Jerry’s.

Because a treat can be healthy too.


With this commercial the core proposition, that the product is both healthy and tasty, is addressed directly.

The soundtrack of the ad is the song Take five by Dave Burbeck. (starting from 00:08 sec). It was chosen because it sounds classy but in the same time playful, which aligns with the selected tone of voice, discussed in the brief. It would grab listeners’ attention as it is intriguing and different. Instrumental was chosen to prevent people singing along and ignoring the message.

For the voiceover, Jamie Dornan would be endorsed. The nature of his voice is deep and husky, while in the same time very calm. He is the lead actor in the 50 shades of Grey movie, which is to be released. The reason for his selection is the fact, the target audiences for the movie and the product are virtually the same. Thus, the actor’s voice may sound familiar, appealing, and persuasive.




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